The Primary Focus
It's all about you at Dave Smith Guitar!
Dave Smith playing a Parker Fly MojoDave Smith Guitar is the source for guitar lessons, instruction, and technique.  Dave has taught numerous guitar students from beginner through pro.  He has developed a simple, easy to follow method that gets you quickly playing what you want to play.  Many beginning students start playing lead guitar within the first four lessons (one month).

Dave Smith Guitar's primary focus is developing your own individual playing style.  If you want to be famous, you must have your own unique sound and playing style.

So what are you doing with your time?  Have you been thinking about learning to play the guitar?  Rhythm or Lead?  Fine-tuning what you've already learned?

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Fees are payable at the time the private lesson is provided.  Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.  There are no contracts.

Charge your lessons with Square®.

Charge your lessons with Square ®

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